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Official Bitcoin Website

The Bitcoin Whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto

My Ctypto Twitter List
@CedRacine Crypto Twitter

My Youtube BTC News Playlist
@CedRacine Youtube BTC News

Private VPN

ProtonMail & VPN – Swiss Privacy

Celsius Network – Buy Crypto – Wallet – Best Interest Account & Loans – Under Chapter 11

Nexo Earn & Borrow – Good Earnings, Flexible Loans

Ledn Earn & Borrow – Great Earnings on BTC & USDC only

Blockfi Crypto Interest Account & Loans – Secure = Delays -Lowest Earnings – Card

Nuri (ex-Bitwala) Best FREE Card + SEPA Account + Interest Account – Reorganizing

Wirex Card & Exchange

Revolut Card – No BTC transfer

Ledger Wallet Shop

BlueWallet – BTC & Lightning Mobile Wallet

Electrum Bitcoin Wallet

Exodus Wallet – Multi Currency Desktop & Mobile

Trust Wallet – Multi Currency Mobile

Casa Security – Solutions for your Fortune

Bitrefill – Gift Cards & Top-up

OpenNode – Merchant Payment Solution BTC Lightning & Card

Run your own Bitcoin & Lightning Node: GetUmbrel
Umbrel – become bitcoin

Run your own Bitcoin & Lightning Node: myNode
myNode – The easiest way to run Bitcoin, Lightning, and more!

BTC Pay Server -Your BTC & Lightning Payment Server

Kraken Exchange – Historic Safe Low Fees

Bitstamp Exchange – My Safest, Luxembourg Registred

Binance Exchange – The AllCoins Supermarket

Bittrex Global Exchange – Fully Compliant & Secure

Coinbase Exchange – I don’t like it

Bity Exchange – Swiss Solution No KYC

Liquid Exchange – for difficult to find coins

KuCoin Exchange – for difficult to find coins

Prime XBT Exchange & Leverage Trading + Copy Trade

Phemex Exchange & Leverage Trading

ByBit Exchange & Leverage Trading

Tradingview Charting Platform

CoinGecko Market Cap


Coins360 – Visual Marketcap & Price moves

Mempool Jochen-hoenicke,24h


Mempool Space

GlassNode – All stats

Plan B – The Stock to Flow Master